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Sort to Light System

With e-commerce on the rise, logistics providers and delivery partners have a hard time sorting packets in various locations. We have integrated the code scanning process during inbound with our IoT platform to turn on the lights in various bins and racks to aid in sorting packages. The same system is also modified to find the packages in inventory as Pick to Light. The system uses ESP32 as base hardware with our custom-built IoT core and web app that can be used with mobiles, edge devices, and PCs.


Feature & Benefits

  • Easy Change of the location code, IoT Device table.
  • Easy addition of new locations.
  • Count of the packet scanned both in Hardware and Software.
  • Download daily dump in excel and reports.
  • Can be used till Last Mile Sorting.
  • Can be used with Laptop or Mobile with Handheld Scanner.
  • Reduces time, and training for sorting and , increases efficiency.
  • Anyone can use any light of choice by logging in.
  • No expensive hardware and high end products.
  • Made in Nepal and serviced locally.