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Our Services

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision is training computers to interpret and understand the visual world. Computer Vision is a rapidly growing field andthe scopes are unlimited. Inside computer vision, we have worked in Object Detection and Segmentation, OCR, Template Matching, Code reading and defect detection.

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AI/ML helps solve problems by using machine learning algorithms to analyze data and make predictions, automating processes, and enabling organizations to make better decisions. The technology can be applied to a wide range of industries and problems, from improving healthcare outcomes to optimizing supply chain processes.

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A network of connected devices or things, IoT is getting popular for how it can interact with the physical world. We have integrated IoT with web apps in edge devices to help businesses automate processes. We are also integrating our computer vision products in our IoT framework for easy control and data access.

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Software Development

No product today can exist without being easy to access and user-friendly. We have to integrate the systems built with web and package the overall system for easier access and scalability. Our team of web developers make sure that the integration, ease of access and user experience is the best.

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Industrial Automation

Industrial automation involves using technology to automate processes in manufacturing and other industrial settings. This can include using sensors, robots, and other forms of automation to perform repetitive tasks, improve accuracy, and increase efficiency. By implementing industrial automation, organizations can improve their production processes, reduce downtime, and increase productivity, helping them to stay competitive in their respective industries.