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Product Details and Specifications

OMR or Optical Mark Reading is the process of reading the information people mark on a sheet for tests, quizzes, and surveys. OMR scanners have a scanner that shines a light on the paper. It works by detecting the black marks on white paper. It detects the black marks because they reflect less light than the blank areas on the form.

OMR is a popular choice in many exams where there are many students appearing for the exam. The process of manual checking is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. OMR has been used in Nepal for a long time and in most critical exams to maintain security and error-free.


OMR Scanners are very costly in nature due to the scarce hardware, proprietary technology, and low volume.

The sheets required for use in OMR must be printed precisely from specific vendors and are mostly imported.

The cost per sheet and the cost of the OMR scanner combine to be a high one-time and recurring cost.

Most of the OMR systems do not provide an opportunity to recheck the sheets in case of errors, clash in keys, and missing roll numbers. This leads to many sheets being unchecked and leads to mistakes during the result publishing time.

Our Solution:

ADF-Based OMR Scanner works on the principle of computer vision. Computer Vision is a new technology field that works by deriving information from images. ADF is used to acquire images of the answer sheets and the software reads the optical marks. The entire solution is mainly divided into two parts: hardware and software.

Our solution does not require special printing of the answer sheet and the paper can be printed with an office printer with the correct settings. This reduced the lead time for paper and increased flexibility over the number of papers to be printed for examination purposes.

By combining an enterprise hardware solution with our software, we have achieved high accuracy and reliability with our solution. The overall solution is made in Nepal and service is also provided locally. Our system has helped multiple institutions take tests and quizzes effectively and have received excellent response from our clients.

OMR system GUI

Fig: OMR paper checking system GUI

Paper Designs Samples

OMR system GUI

Paper Sample

OMR system GUI

Paper Sample

Additional Software Features

  • User Entry upon missing or invalid key, missing or invalid roll number for high reliability.
  • Negative Marking for Incorrect Answers. (Optional)
  • Template generation from software with the number of questions and keys.
  • Entry of correct answer values from MS Excel.
  • Entry of scoring for correct answer and incorrect answer with a negative penalty and final result calculation.
  • Manual Correction in CSV file in case of inconsistency.
  • Change the sensitivity of mark recognition with software.
  • Read skewed papers and sheets with 20 percent damaged marks.
  • High customization with the sheet design.
  • Separate Directory for various exams and saving of answer sheet, result sheet, and sheet answers in the same directory.
  • No limitation for the number of previous saves and examinations.
  • Save the images with roll numbers in a separate directory.
  • The same sheet can be used for multiple total questions.
  • Display of right, wrong, and blank is all of the question fields.
final result table

Feature & Benefits

  • Low Cost Solution
  • Marking sheet can be printed locally and does not require sophisticated machinery.
  • Customizable
  • Great Support and Service as it is available locally.
  • Can validate and modify the markings made. Suitable when many people are appearing the exam.
  • Results published in excel and formattable.
  • Reduces time, and training for sorting and , increases efficiency.
  • Less human effort and more checking per day possible.