OCR for Batch code Inspection
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OCR for Batch code Inspection

Date and lot codes, price, batch codes, and expiration dates are required on almost all manufactured products. The batch code aware the consumer about the correct price, best before, and other vital information. Crimson Tech's OCR system built on top of Artificial Intelligence makes sure that every bottle or packet is inspected for the presence and legibility of the printed batch code. The process of OCR is divided into two parts; Detection and Recognition. Detection finds the location of the text in the image. After the detection and localization of the text, we can further read and recognize what is printed character by character. It would mean extracting each letter and displaying the character. Our AI-based system can be trained to a variety of fonts, backgrounds, lighting conditions, shiny surfaces, and print types. This provides a high level of customization and accuracy. We have trained our batch code inspection with over a million images from various sources and have received great accuracy and speed.


Feature & Benefits

  • High-speed and accurate Recognition and Detection of Batch Code.
  • Detection and Recognition can handle a variety of backgrounds, lighting conditions, and fonts.
  • The system can be re-trained and fine-tuned for higher accuracy.
  • No need for a specific location of text or product for detection or recognition.
  • High customization in the validation of the recognized text. Users can input the characters as critical and non-critical to reject any product with missing critical characters.
  • Tracking of good prints, missing prints, rejection trends; line-wise trend, recognition of critical character, overall/line-wise comparison percentage.
  • Implementation of advanced AI technology that can significantly improve the overall efficiency of the production process.
  • Improved compliance with mandatory batch code printing set by the government.
  • Enhanced production monitoring capabilities with a high-speed inspection system that reduces manual labor and increases accuracy.